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A five-star martial arts school located in Denton, Texas!
Voted Runner-Up for 2014 Best of Denton!

2014 Best of Denton Runner-Up!

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— 29 years in the same location!

"A BIG thanks to you and Mr. Rogers for the way you run your academy. My son Tyler is loving it. He is very comfortable with both of you and as a parent I feel extremely fortunate to have him learning under both of you."

Pastor David Smith, Gracepointe Church

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Denton Taekwondo Academy is a full time martial arts school. We've been offering classes in traditional taekwondo in Denton, Texas for 29 years. We stress safety, respect and excellence in our training.

Through martial arts, children, teens and adults learn self-defense, self-discipline and self-confidence. Denton Taekwondo Academy students apply these skills to school, hobbies, careers and continuing education. This isn't just "karate lessons" but life lessons. Other benefits include increased fitness, flexibility and fun.

The instructors at Denton Taekwondo Academy teach traditional taekwondo, period. We do one thing, we do it extremely well, and we do it six days per week. In fact, we offer the most classes each week of any martial arts school in Denton, including daytime classes for adults and home schooled children! We have spent over 25 years building a solid reputation in Denton for the highest quality martial arts training for both kids and adults.

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What does "taekwondo" mean? Literally, taekwondo means "The way of the foot and the hand." "Tae" = foot "kwon" = hand or fist and "do" = method or way. Sometimes it is spelled as one word, as in "taekwondo" and sometimes it is spelled as three words like "tae kwon do". Some folks like funky capitals "TaeKwonDo" or hyphens "taekwon-do" or "tae-kwon-do". We practice traditional taekwondo, also known as Korean Karate, American Karate and American Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a Korean martial art style that emphasizes both kicks and hand techniques. Because it is a kicking art, traditional taekwondo is an excellent choice for self defense for women and children.

Please also visit our parent organization's site Taekwondo America. Here you can read more about the benefits of taekwondo training for children and adults and learn about our martial arts philosophy.


Self-Defense ~ Self-Discipline ~ Self-Confidence